b. 1960 / American

JoAnn Belson's works are striking, tactile portraits of her past, present and her inner world. Fearless in the face of the subconscious, Ms. Belson follows where the muse leads her, and her series are an unusually well documented account of her creative process. 

As a student at Chouinard Art Institute and Cal Arts, she investigated the relationship between drawing, painting and sculpture to uncover their limitations and break boundaries between them. She studied painting with Martin Lubner, and a passion for reinventing space was ignited by collaboration with architect Michiel Luhrer and further broadened her concept of canvas. From painting and collage to furniture, fabric and ceramic design, Ms. Belson's inspiration and mastery extends to all materials that can be used to convey her vision. 

Belson's work has been featured in the pages of the New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, as well as various European art and shelter publications. Her corporate collectors include Sony Pictures, Dreamworks and Jim Henson Films. Ms. Belson has had one-woman shows at the Karen Lynn Gallery in Boca Raton, FL and Green Space in Beverly Hills, CA and is regularly featured in LA Art show. 

Selected Solo Exhibitions
The LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA 2009
Green Space, Beverly Hills, CA 2008
Martin Lubner Studio, Marina del Ray, CA 2005
Karen Lynn Gallery, Boca Raton, FL 2005
Lois Lambert at Gallery of Functional Art at Bergamont, Santa Monica, CA 2004